Matt Currie’s easy-listening guitar instrumentals are an ideal backdrop for weddings. His relaxed romantic-style solo performances can enhance the atmosphere of the ceremony itself, as well as, the before and after functions. He’s available to play for wedding cocktail receptions, and/or during the dinner and speeches. His laid-back performances are the perfect warm-up for your DJ or live band, once the dancing starts.

From High Tea themed nuptials to outdoor wedding ceremonies, Matt’s experienced at bringing the right notes to people’s special days.

Corporate events

Repertoire Guitar’s live music adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any function, whether it be corporate or private functions, conference drinks and dinners, cocktail or dinner parties.

Matt Currie’s classical guitar instrumental performances provide the perfect background music for a range of social events and gatherings.

Matt has an extensive musical repertoire, to suit any taste. His music can be described as acoustic, laid back, easy listening and romantic. From traditional classical and jazz to new age pop arrangements, Latin or Flamenco, he can bring your event to life.

Guitar instrumental soloist, Matt Currie is available for performances throughout Australia (quotes available).

Other events

Repertoire Guitar’s live acoustic guitar performances can also enhance your special, private occasions at home. His subtle sounds can add a special touch to your garden party or family event. Contact Matt to see what he can bring to your private event.

Matt’s thoughtful style can also be adapted to funerals or memorial services to provide a low key respectful musical atmosphere.

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